Dubbo Zoo 6/12

Not sure why but i realised that i have not posted any photo's from the zoo when i went on holiday last year just click HERE to go to the gallery. There was not a real great deal of animals on display here are a few i got pics of


Ready Nas GO part II

To start with i bought 3x 3TB ST3000DM001 drives which worked very well to start with, I then proceeded to purchase another 2 from (big mistake) eBay, now for what reason, there are different versions of this same drive out there in the wild and i found out because i had to contact netgear technical support when i inserted one of the new drives in to the NAS and it didn't auto expand the storage space i knew some thing was not right.

The drives had a CC9x firmware on them and they needed a CC4H but they are unable to be upgraded to that firmware so i went out and bought 3x WD RED 3TB after talking to the support team they said these drives have the right firmware out of the box and you just plug them in and go, and that's exactly what happened my storage started to expand so now i have an 11TB of storage on the NAS


Ready Nas GO

Ok I took me near 3 years but I have finally near filled my little Readynas the NV+ with all sorts of things like tv shows, movies, videos from taking the bike out, backups of pictures and programs, it has a 4x 2TB config giving it a total of about 5.5 TB of redundant storage, so I thought it was time to start looking for a new nas this time I was thinking bigger better stronger well maybe not all that but one that could take 6 or 7 drives, that's when I seen this for sale it was a readynas RNDP600U readynas ultra 6 plus.

It was on sale for just under $700aud by the time it was shipped that was another $30, I had seen the exact same model on eBay for $1100 but I had first checked and found it on and it was still at the time of writing this(July 27) $100 cheaper than the next seller on staticice.

Then next part for me to do is buy some 3tb drives and slam in this puppy I have a 640Gb drive in here for testing purposes now because of the features that can be enabled in this highly technical device, I'm talking automated tv downloading here with a program called sick beard it will go out to a nzb search engine and look for the latest show automatically(or if you tell it you want a whole season) as they are released onto usenet it then sends it to a program called SABnzbd to download and once it has been downloaded SickBeard constantly watches a folder where the completed downloads are moved to it then renames the file and moves it to the correct directory and if you set it up right you can have SB update XBMC.



TBT 50


TBT 49