Talk Back Tech episode 34 now staring me


I have joined a podcast originally William Tomkinson and Glenn Goodman were the hosts but after 30ish shows Glenn was no longer able to help out on Tuesday nights (recorded live @ www.live.thesecrethub.com follow will or myself on twitter to find out the time @fr05ty or @mrtomkinson) so will put out the call for a new co-host of the show called Talk Back Tech (TBT) where you can ask a tech related question or if you have a small review send it to tbt[at]thesecrethub[dot]com

The video's are uploaded to youtube I will also be embeding them here.


Hellyer Rally 2011

Rally held in a forest south of Burnie, Tasmania. Only a small number of cars competing this year. In this clip they come down a very sharp incline and corner across a single lane bridge then across the dam wall.

In this clip they come across the dam wall and across a single lane bridge with a very sharp incline and corner off the bridge.


Video footage curticy of my dad. 


Easy Custom Built Mac’s

I love apple.

But at the time I wanted a new computer (near 2 years ago) I could not afford a to get a mac pro because the price of those sexy beasts was up there, so I started searching the net for what’s the next best thing and came across a site known as http://www.insanelymac.com/ which had lots of information about the kinds of systems you could build, how to get them working, what modifications needed to be done with system files to get things working or a simple kext files you need to install to get it working.


Now days it is a lot simpler to get a fully functional system thanks to another site that I found http://www.tonymacx86.com/ these guys have a tone of pre edited dsdt files for all kinds of mother boards (just so you know a dsdt file is a system file that gives you things like audio support, GFX cards support, sleep/wake support, plus a lot more) you can go looking through the list and see if your mother board is there and get the file for what M/B firmware.


Note: A usb mouse and keyboard are needed for the install process


There is also some more software that you will need to download from http://www.tonymacx86.com/ they are in the download section and the name of these 2 files are iBoot and MultiBeast. Now all you have to do is copy MultiBeast and your dsdt file onto a usb flash drive


iBoot is a boot disk that has a boot loader in it that emulates the mac efi, so when you put it in upon first boot you will get to a screen that has just a pic with iBoot underneath it, all you have to do now is remove the iBoot disk and place your mac OSX 10.6 snow leopard disk (you did purchase that right) in the drive wait 30 sec and press F5 and press enter when you see the OSX image appear and your on your way to installing OSX.


When you get to the OSX installer GUI all you have to do is in the top menu bar click on utilities then click on disk utility and format your hard drive into MAC OS Extended (journaled) with the GUID partition table (that makes it mac compatible) under the options button, once your done with that you can continue to install OSX onto that drive. When done the computer will reboot all you have to do is pop the iBoot disk back in the drive and wait for it to load then select your hard drive to boot from, now that you are at the desktop put the flash drive in the computer and copy your dsdt file to the desktop and  then open MultiBeast and leave it open then click up on the apple symbol and click on software update… let that run through BUT DON’T RESTART WHEN DONE now you have to finish up the MultiBeast install so go through and select what you want to get the audio Ethernet usb 3.0 video card what ever you need, as you can see from the pic on the side this is what I needed to get the system up and running properly.


There you have it you should now have a MAC OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.7 hackintosh


List of parts that I used are:

Gigabyte EX58-UD5 motherboard

Intel Core i7 920 2.66Ghz O.C. to 3.6Ghz

Gigabyte GTX480 graphics card

6Gb Corsair triple channel ram

Corsair H50 cpu water cooling

Corsair HX850 power supply


808Gb WD HDD for all my media

2x BENQ G2420HD monitors

D-LINK DBT-120 Wireless Bluetooth

And the apple wireless keyboard and magic mouse

And all that inside a ThermalTake Element S case


Computer Photos




NW Rally Club @ Highclaire Go-Cart Track

NW rally club Highclaire Go Cart Track from michael cleland on Vimeo.

just a couple of the better cars that went around the track on the 14-5-2011 it was a cold windy day so I've added some music over the top hope you enjoy the view.



What I've Been Listening To...

So I think these guys are the greatest rock band of all time, you may disagree. Their name... Foo Fighters, I want to go and see them live but living in tassie has its down sides as we get no decent bands coming here when they tour Australia.

The new album just flat out rocks from start to finish, they say it gets back to their roots i would have to agree with them, they are now a 5 piece band with the return of Pat Smear, they have some guest musos on the record for Dear Rosemary(my fav song on the record) and I Should Have Known. 

It was recorded in Dave's garage on tape (yes that's right analog) and i have to say this has one of the best sounds of thier entire catalogue. i ordered the double lp from the website i haven't received it yet but it came with digital downloads 320Kbps mp3's so that's how I've been rocking it lately.

If there was ever a need for a stereo to go to 11 than this is the record that needs that dial, this record is full of big guitar riffs phat drum beats and melodic vocals


I have embeded the youtube video so you can watch the entire album that was recorded live in Dave's Studio 606 and i do believe it was played in 3d after the screening of the Back and Forth Doco that's been making the rounds in select cinemas 


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