Hellyer Gorge november 2009

Here is a video i have uploaded to vimeo its about 10m30s long  hope you enjoy it.

The next video will be of the toy run till then peace out!


Hellyer Gorge from michael cleland on Vimeo.



Toy Run Dec '09

Well it's been and gone and I hope a few kids are better off from all the donations and kind people that went.

On the way to Hobart I picked up another passenger at cressey his name was Ernie (I'm not sure where Bert was), a lady came out to see us at the servo saying her friend was supposed to take him but never showed up.

As far as accedents go we only seen 1 rider in a ditch with the ambos by his side.

We managed to get to the Hobart DEC by about 2:20 right before we do the toy run into the parliament lawns and give the toy to charity.

All in all it was a good day for a ride and a good day for charity.

Can't wait for next years run only 363 days to go


pictures from toy run 09


It's all systems go

All my domain directing is complete now all I have to do is make a site worth browsing


just starting out with squarespace 

Hi all if you are seeing this you wont have a clue what im doing but hey neither do I this site will evolve over time so keep coming back i plan to put up photos that i take also some videos that i may take with the ContourHD helmet cam so enjoy what you dont see at the moment




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